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Soal Penilaian Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 Semester 1 K-13

Soal Penilaian Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 Semester 1 K-13
Soal ulangan atau penilaian Bahasa Inggris kelas 5 semester 1.

Pada Kurikulum 2013 (K13) Bahasa Inggris menjadi muatan lokal pelajaran wajib di Sekolah Dasar. Untuk mendalami materi pelajaran Bahasa Inggris kelas 5 SD/MI sebagai persiapan penilaian semester ganjil dapat dilakukan dengan berbagai cara. Salah satunya dengan mengerjakan soal-soal latihan penilaian kelas 5 SD/MI Bahasa Inggris semester 1 sesuai dengan kisi-kisi.

Soal Penilaian Akhir Semester 1 Kelas 5 Bahasa Inggris K-13

A. Chapter 3 (Daily Activities)
1. Rangga usually gets up at ..... 
A. four o'clock 
B. five o'clock
C. six o'clock 
D. seven o'clock

2. What time is it? It is .... 
A. eight o'clock 
B. a half past eight
C. nine o'clock 
D. a half past nine

3. Because the school near from their house, Miko and Aida .. 
A. take a bath
C. go to school 
B. sweep the floor
D. play with friends 

4. She always ...... after have lunch, because she is sleepy 
A. Gets up
B. cooks
C. sweeps 
D. takes a nap 

5. ...... Putri and Tata come late to school? 
A. Do
B. Does 
C. Did
D. Was 

6. .......... My teeth twice a day. 

7. My family always watch TV in the 

8. Don't be ........! The teacher is explaining the lesson. 

9. The school bells are ringing at ................ o'clock. The students ready to study. 

10. Arrange the words into a good sentences!
meal – three- always - have - times - a day - I

11. Translate into Indonesian!
Fatma always helps her mother in the kitchen. 

12. Mention (3) your activities after go home from school! 

13. Make the sentence bello into negative sentence and interrogative!
(+) Maya likes cooking
(?) ..................

14. Write your daily activities bellow!
05.00 am (bangun tidur) ..... 
05.30 am (mandi) .......
06.30 am (pergi ke sekolah) .....

B. Chapter 4 (Toys and Game) 

15. It is a game, it needs rope. There are two players pull the rope each other.
It is .....
A. Hide and seek 
B. rope skipping 
C. tug of war 
D. monopoly 

16. Q = Do the children play hide and seek? 
A = Yes, ......
A. We do
B. I do 
C. They do
D. He do 

17. Anisa = Lend me your doll, please?
Rahma = Sorry, .....
A. I'm using it
B. here you are 
C. yes
D. I am 

18. My friends and I like to play ..... very much 
A. see saw
C. hide and seek 
B. snake and ladder 
D. tug of war

19. Abra : Let's play ... Azza : Ok.  Let's do. 
A. Playing market
B. Tug of war 
C. bridge 
D. chess

20. How many players are in the playing chess? 

21. Does Fery like play marbles? Yes, ....

22. The students play kite in the .....

23. Arrange the words into the correct sentence!
toy-have - cars - I - four 

24. Catapult is a kind of .... game

25. Translate into Indonesian!
My brother has two balls 

26. Mention three your favourite toys! 

27. Mention three your favourite games!

C. CHAPTER 5 (In the Restaurant) 

28. If we go to Bali. We can stay in ..
A. Hotel 
B. restaurant 
C. market
D. post office

29. Does Atika like chips? No, ......
A. He does 
B. She does
C. she does not
D. he does not

30. My father ........ .... to drink a cup coffee.
A. Like
B. likes
C. no like
D. not like

31. I like eat .....
A. Cake
B. pudding
C. rice
D. soup

32. A person cook in the restaurant called .... 
A. Mother 
B. cashier
C. waiter 
D. chef

33. Does a waitress work in the restaurant? yes, .... 

34. A place for people to have meals called ........

35. We need egg to make .........

36. Someone who receive guest at hotel is called a ....

37. In the restaurant, the customers can choose many menu in the ....

38. Mention three your favorite drink! 

39. Mention three your favorite food! 

40. Mention three things in the supermarket!

Dalam Kurikulum 2013 Bahasa Inggris di SD/MI menjadi muatan lokal. Bahasa Inggris sebagai Mulok, materi hingga indikator ketuntasan belajar yang digunakan harsu sesuai Komptensi Inti (KI) dan dan Kompetensi Dasar (KD) dalam struktur K-13. Semoga latihan soal ulangan atau penilaian Bahasa Inggris kelas 5 semester 1 di atas bermanfaat.